I Am A (very) Overwhelmed (but happy) Momma

There is just so much going on right now. With Odin being in the hospital and things back at home. Kind of feeling like I’m buried in things that need to be done. And something is always being added to the to do list. (I’m one of those people that likes to get things done NOW, not tomorrow or the next day, and it aggravates me to no end when I can’t finish things as soon as possible)

I usually go see Odin every day at the hospital and stay there for about 2-3 hours just holding him and singing to him and talking to him, those are the times I couldn’t be happier. But I haven’t been able to go to the hospital in about a week because Dad and I both have strep throat. I’m going to the doctor on Thursday, but that isn’t helping me get to see my child right now. At home there remains a million things to be done. Odins room, the sign I’m painting for him, the topography print I’m doing for him, the photo album I’m making on shutterfly, the mountain of dishes that always seems to accumulate seconds after I wash them, and mountains of laundry, breast pumping that has to be done every three hours (who has time for this?), and the list goes on. I am just a very overwhelmed momma at the moment. Seems like none of it will ever get done and I need a break from working on everything.

On a brighter note, its 4am and I just called the NICU for an update. He’s 4lbs 3oz and doing awesome without any caffeine!! (:

…its also 4am and I’m wide awake. -.-

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 But it’s NEVER too early to shop for Christmas! :B Especially if you’re buying online. ( Needs time to make and time to ship!). And wouldn’t an extra special fan-girl/boy/dog/cat/other in your life love one of these? :D

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Merry Christma….Halloween!

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I’m thinking about doing the Black Widow Challenge. Not sure if I wanna do it in Sims 3 or 4. Not even sure how I would go about doing it in 4, I don’t play it enough. Just a thought. Something to do when I’m not at the hospital with Little Man, which I haven’t been since last Wednesday as Dad and I both have strep throat. -.-

Probably 3 though since that’s the one I have cc for.

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Mr. Odin has finally hit the four pound mark, he is now at 4lbs and .5oz!!

Oh, I am such a proud momma!! He got his PIKK line out and no longer needs IV fluids. And the doctor’s are going to try him off of the caffeine to see how he does with keeping his heart rate up! (:
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My handsome boy and our first family picture. ♥

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Working on Odins room. And the picture I’m painting for him. (:

None of it is close to done. Lol.

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My beautiful happy boy! He’s breathing completely in his own and he got a new bed and he can keep his temperature up by himself now!! Oh, and he is now up to 3lbs 10.5oz!! (:

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Cuddle time with Little Man. ♥

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I’m making closet dividers for Odins closet. They kind of suck but they’ll get the job done.

Odin is at 3lbs 6oz as of 2am this morning!! That’s two whole ounces more than when he was born!!

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Tagged: #odinbraxton  #preemie  #nicu  

Odin is up to 3lbs and 1oz now!!
After he kept losing I didn’t think he’d ever gain it back. :/
But he is well on his way to becoming a chunky boy. (:
We’ve learned that he likes to stretch out, he’s happy as long as he has food and his legs all sprawled out, he sleeps like daddy (which is disturbing because daddy sleeps with his eyes half open most of the time). And he still remembers the songs I sung to him when I was pregnant!

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Hey, I hope I'm not bother you. I have bought most every exp pack for s3 but I never registered my pets and ambitions, so I can't play those. I reeeeally don't want to have to rebuy them. Do you know where I can get a code for just those two from someone?

Try downloading a key gen for them. Or look on YouTube for key videos.