So I looked at some if my ultrasound pictures and found this beauty.

This here folks, is my unborn (obviously) child flipping us off right before he rolled over and showed us his butt and refused to roll back over.

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So here’s a new set of patterns!
I’m having to upload this from my phone so if there’s any trouble downloading please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. ♡

(All of the pattern pictures were found on

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Getting started on my next set of patterns.

Names that sounds good with Oden?

Looking for a middle name. We’ve kind of decided against Niko. So we’re looking for a different middle name. Can’t start with an H. Any ideas/suggestions, dearys?

inspiredbyasher replied to your post: Does anyone on here read the Fallen se…

Omg they’re making a movie. Lol I’ll have to reread the book so I’ll have everything fresh in my mind

Yes!!! Lol. I’m super excited for the movie. But the cast is just bleh.

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Does anyone on here read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate? 

If so then you probably know what I’m talking about.

If not, I recommend you read it.

So I took a look at the cast for the Fallen movie thats coming out next year. And let me tell you, I was HIGHLY disappointed. Especially in their choice of actors for the parts of Cameron and Lucinda and Arriane and even Daniel.

So, I made sims. Of what I feel the characters should have looked more like. Well, I did Cameron, Luce, and Daniel anyway. I’m not even pleased with my own Sim of what Daniel should look like yet. But my Cam and Luce sims are spot on perfect and everything the actors should look like. 

And from what I seen, not many of the readers are too happy with the casting. So at least I’m not the only one.

Guess what my sweet simmers? I FINALLY made a new set of patterns. 

Take note: they aren’t all perfect. But the imperfect ones are small imperfections. And that dark brown one is actually a wood floor pattern, not just a brown block. Lol.

So here you go. ♥


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You see that extremely adorable little foot right there? That just so happens to be an Oden foot. Oh yeah, that’s right, that foot belongs to the most perfect being you’ll ever have the pleasure of taking a look at. Consider yourself lucky. 

In the last few months, with every doctor visit, we’ve gotten to learn a lot about this cute little guy and see some pretty awesome things;

Yesterday while we were at the doctor (when we got this picture) we got to see him having a hiccup fit. Now, for those of you have never seen an unborn child in the midst of a hiccup fit, let me tell you, it is simply one of the most perfect and cute things you’ll ever witness. It looks something like a little dog just wiggling and jerking back and forth. But that’s not just any little wiggling dog, that’s your wiggling dog. Well, mine. And it may be the cutest damn thing you may ever witness while he’s growing inside you.

- He’s becoming more and more like his daddy every single time we go to the doctor:

1) He has some rather huge feet. Looking at this image, you may not think so, but consider that we’re only 4 1/2 months in the pregnancy.

2) He also apparently has some other rather large extremities that we won’t go into detail about. >.>

3) He is EXTREMELY stubborn.

4) You want a picture of that cute little face? Lol. No. Too bad.

5) Roll over so we can see that your heart is developing properly? Nah. Rather stay right here.

6) Maybe if we poke him and aggravate him he'll get mad an roll over? Nope. Not today, buttercup.

7) Wake up, little man!! No. I’m sleeping.

8) And when he is awake, he’s almost constantly in there doing some sort of martial arts and ninja kicks. He clearly gets the hyperactivity from his daddy.

But seriously though, this kid is perfect. Beyond perfect. And very much loved. ♥

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Late Selfie Sunday!!

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Another random sim makeover I did. :3

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The perfection that is my sim child.

Lets just hope the real child comes out looking like this too. Lol.

As long as those eyes are blue I am happy.

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Selfie Sunday!!

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if someone made this jacket for sims I would forever love you more than bacon. And that’s a lot. Because I fucking love bacon. A lot.

Al Simhara~

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