Our beautiful boy, Odin, decided he was ready to grace the world with his presence today. He was born at 2:00pm. He weighs 3 pounds and 4 ounces. He’s 11 weeks early but doing amazing.
His name is Odin Braxton Hudnall, and he is perfect in every single way possible. ♡

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I’ve been looking for curtains to put in Odins’ room. We’re doing is room in turquoise, light-medium grey, and possibly elephants. I’m trying to find blackout window length curtains that have two or all three of those colors. And preferably in a chevron pattern because his crib sheets and blankets are grey and white chevron patterned. Anyone know where I might find curtains like this UNDER $30? Or does anyone know how to sew? Lol.

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Figured out my sims 4 cc issue. 

krabbie answered your post: Can someone please explain to me where…

Its a Mods folder.

So I just put them in the mods folder? Because the only thing in my mods folder is the resource thing.

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Can someone please explain to me where to put cc in sims 4?

I don’t see a “packages” folder. So I have no idea. Does it just go in the mods folder?

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did you try the angled roofs, Like its not straight on, its tilted to the left or right. I dk how to explain it xD

Yeah, we tried those. And just….they must have really felt the need to fuck something up in this game. Lol.

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Roofs in Sims 4?

So, we got Sims 4, made our sims and built the house. But we’re having a roof problem. Some of the walls are diagonal and when we try to place a roof on those places it doesn’t go on right. It intersects with the regular roofs we place and just looks all kinds of messed up. Does anyone know how to properly build roofs on here, or can someone point me towards a tutorial? Thank you in advance for any and all help. (:

A few pictures I took from the first time I tried this legacy and the game crashed. I just thought they were so cute together. *-*

Meet Tyler White, he’s a very charismatic and hot headed sim from the town of Sunset Valley. He just turned 20 and moved away from mom and dad. 

He is the founder of my new legacy. 

And possibly one of my new favorite sims.

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Thank Satan. -.-

Even though Sims DID crash and everything else got deleted, I do still have a copy of the sim I made.

So I built a new house and just restarted.

I made this sim this morning for my legacy. 

And I’ve been playing my legacy ALL DAY.

Sims just crashed.

I haven’t saved yet.

Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

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Aww look at the baby belly <3 good luck and bless your coming child ! <3

Thank you!! ♥

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The best forever remains the lizard freezing at the fur ball

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Ahhh….I just looked over my Allbright Legacy

The one I started sometime last year and never got to finish due to personal reason.

I am sad now.

I was SO attached to them. 

Especially Xander and Tiger. ;-;

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you look great, I’m 28 weeks and HUGE. T.T

Lol. I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow!! I’m due December 5th.

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